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dog show
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18 August 2018


Dog show all breeds (CAC)
SHIBA speciality show
location address:
Vyborg, Oficerskaya St., 2, stadium Aviator.
The location map on Yandex cards>>

Lakatosh Julia (Moscow)
Kosareva Olga (Moscow)(CAC and speciality)
Trunina Svetlana (Vyborg)
Alexandrova E. (SPb)  (schnauzer)
Sokolova E. (SPb)  (st.bernhardshund-bernhardiner, chin)
Sharkova G. (SPb)  (dobermann)
Ivanova O.K.(SPb)  reserve judge (moskovskaya storozhevaya)

The last day of registration - August, 8.

Price of Dog show all breeds (CAC):
. at show place,
18 August
certification classes 40 €
baby, puppy, veteran 18 €
competition 8 €
competition "Child and dog" (5-17 years) 5 €
competition "Senor handler" 5 €

Price of PHARAOH HOUND speciality show:
. at show place,
18 August
certification classes 40 €
baby, puppy, veteran 18 €
competition 8 €

- For certification classes the second dog of the owner has 6 € discount.
- If the dog takes part for certification classes on the CAC dog show and speciality show, dog has 6 € discount on the CAC dog show.
- The dog that took part in the dog show VKLS on 23.06.2018 has 3 € discount.
- For 10-years veterans and older there is FREE PARTICIPATION (no payment).

Send the ENTRY FORM>> and a pedigree to e-mail of club VKLS
VKLS will send confirmation (1-3 days).

To enter in champion class a championship certificate is needed, to enter in working class a wcc (working class certificate) with information of trial results is needed. If there is NO mentioned certificates, the dog will automatically enter in "Open Class".

In the international veterinary certificate (veterinary pet passport) should be given a declaration of your local veterinarian, confirming pet’s fitness to travel and/or no obvious signs of disease WITH a date, a stamp and a signature of veterinarian in it.

Информация на сайте носит справочный характер и не является публичной офертой.